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Integrative Guidance & Information Systems

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Convince yourself in your area of ​​our groundbreaking products. We are happy to deliver any missing answers to your questions by phone or in person.

Important information

Dear customer,

with regret we will inform you that ILIS Leitsysteme gem. GmbH will close on March 31, 2024.

We would like to thank you for many years of loyalty and trust in our sustainable, integrative guidance and information systems for blind and visually impaired people. Our individual and comprehensive advice, pioneering products and excellent development results haven´t only reflected our vision and experience, but have also connected people and enabled equal opportunities.

However, we are glad that our know-how will continue to exist, because two companies have been founded from our ranks that will continue to provide you with targeted support:

For inquiries about floor guidance systems,
specialist planning and installation

DBL – Deutsche Blindenleitsysteme GmbH

Your contact person is Mr. Ralf Henning

For inquiries about tactile overview plans,
handrail signs and signage

TaktilWerk e. K.

Your contact person is Mr. Henrik Angermann

With that two companies the understanding of high quality and competent solutions will be continued in the
spirit of ILIS Leitsysteme gem. GmbH.

ILIS-Leitsysteme gem. GmbH

January 2024

Leading technology

Our goal is accessibility

Fantile developments, excellent products and a lot of experience – for many years the name ILIS stands for quality and competent solutions. We do not see ourselves as a salesman, but as a consultant.

ILIS Leitsysteme is a non-profit GmbH and is pleased to advise you comprehensively and individually. In dialogue with the customer, we work out the best possible result: a sustainable integrative guidance and information system that connects people and enables equal opportunities.

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