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Stair Marking

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High-contrast stair marking

The DIN 32984 is also relevant for the indication of steps. With our stair marking, available in dark and light, you are able to generate the required contrast in any case. We will be happy to advise you in full details during the planning process to make sure that your new guidance system makes sense from start to finish.

ILIS tactile and high-contrast stair markings

Safe stair markings

Stair markings made of special plastics. The L-profile is 2.5 mm thick and is available in different lengths and colors. The edge profiles indicate the steps by providing a clear contrast of color and a change of material. The safety of your building’s staircase is easily increased.

Treppenmarkierungen mit ILIS Treppenindikator

ILIS stair marking luminescent

Luminescent stair marking

Stair marking facilitates finding the way and provides additional safety for all spatial situations. Especially in demanding lighting conditions our luminescent stripes are the choice for permitting independant movement anywhere and anytime without dangers.

Treppenmarkierung nachleuchtend im Detail