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infra Hanover

Barrier-free Stops

A little closer to the aim of accessible mobility. The city railway stop Saarbrückener Straße was converted to an accessible raised platform with ramp. As a standard feature, many of the infra-built stops already have handrail signage showing sighted and restricted persons the directions of the trams. Additionally, here two tactile plans from ILIS positioned at the side of the road in front of the stop allow for a better orientation in the surroundings.


Jobcenter Dortmund

The path is the goal

In one of Dortmund’s employment centres, ILIS has designed and installed the complete guidance system.


CFL Luxembourg

Clear layout of levels

Important transport junctions need intelligent solutions. The new rail station “Gare Belval-Université” in Luxembourg, a city that hosts, amongst other things, the European Union’s administrative headquarters, needed an adequate guidance system.

We were awarded the contract by the railway company CFL. ILIS planned, designed and manufactured a tactile overview plan as well as handrail plates for the different levels and access points, and installed them at the predefined places.

Our solutions always follow a holistic orientation concept, regardless of whether they are backfitted or entirely new.


University of Wuppertal

A new building for everybody

The Bergische Universität Wuppertal planned an entirely new building – accessible for all. Access was intended to be possible on several floors. In order to address this challenge, we used several different ILIS system components: A tactile overview plan, different floor markings, markings on steps, and handrail plates. Door plates were backfitted with pyramidal lettering and Braille. The students, whether sighted or blind, whether mobile or restricted, are now enjoying a clear and quick orientation without barriers.


Administration Building Düsseldorf

Equal treatment made real

The third floor of the administration building of Düsseldorf municipality hosts the offices for equal treatment for men and women.

ILIS Leitsysteme perfectly matches the town authority’s Corporate Design. Each floor is the home of a different important office: From Youth Welfare to Adult Education.

Our information elements help all Düsseldorf citizens find their destinations.


Local Court Düsseldorf

Equal opportunity on a high level

Seen from above, this innovative and vast newly built court house in Düsseldorf is slightly reminiscent to a legal section sign, with its glass-roofed central foyer and its two patios.The sections of the German Equality for the Disabled Act (BGG) have indeed been implemented in an exemplary fashion:

In cooperation with the company Vangenhassend and using the latest technology, ILIS planned, manufactured and delivered multiple tactile cast-resin plans showing the layout of the different levels and court areas, emergency exits and information points – recreating the “section sign”.


dbb forum siebengebirge

Guidance System from A to Z

The conference and seminar hotel “dbb forum siebengebirge” has a complete integrated guidance system in place that leads people through all rooms, buildings and outdoor facilities.

This means that, besides its state-of-the-art technical facilities and its top-quality hotel and catering areas, four guest lodges and a conference pavilion, this exclusive and architecturally attractive conference venue also features a best-practice holistic information system.


University of Cologne

Working out without stumbling-blocks

The sports centre of the Cologne University was in dire need of a general overhaul. Next to the sports hall, which was renovated, an entire new training and gymnastics area was built. I order to enable blind and visually impaired users to use the facilities unassistedly, an order was placed with the experts from Hanover.

ILIS designed and implemented a holistic guidance system with detailed plans, door plates, ground and floor markings, handrail plates and stair markings. The result: A modern training centre for all persons.


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